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C🐝D Bath Bombs

C🐝D Bath Bombs

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Shown to play a significant role in overall well-being, which includes physical, mental and emotional health, when applied to your skin, the largest organ of your body, it can ease local pain, deliver anti-inflammatory benefits, relieve tension, and soothe your emotions. When added to a hot bath it increases the absorption rate by the skin along with receiving the benefits of soaking in hot water.

C🐝D interacts with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in your skin. In the same way that it interacts with the receptors on the cells in your brain, organs, muscles, and immune system when taken internally, it also interacts with the various ECS receptors in your skin and also the serotonin system in the brain. Serotonin is the ‘happy chemical’, which provides mood elevation and anxiety relief.  Some users find that soaking in hot water and a Fox Island C🐝D bomb provides a similar effect.  

 Provides your body with a plant-based powerhouse that may increase the immunomodulators, and therefore boosts the ability of the body to both fight and prevent ailments.

Get your Glow on and Detox

 May contain high concentrations of two of the most nourishing antioxidants for the skin, Vitamins E and C. These two rejuvenating vitamins encourage cell growth, ease the removal of dead cells, and provide exceptional hydration. Also, the omega fatty acids in C🐝D are the building blocks of healthy cells and provide anti-aging properties. The hot soak also helps your skin sweat and release unhealthy toxins, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed. Because it is packed full of antioxidants, which have been shown to be the master key in fighting free radicals, which are the culprits of aging skin. These antioxidants are the protectors and rejuvenators of our skin cells. They promote the healthy generation of new cells and protect our skin’s DNA.

In addition, it has been demonstrated to provide therapeutic rehabilitation for both major and minor skin disorders. C🐝D for eczema and psoriasis has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for breakouts as well as a preventative.


Each bomb contains 50mg of C🐝D and 50mg of Arnica Montana